Your 2020 reflections and 2021 goals?

Vincent's personal reflections from 2020 into 2021

Hey y’all!

Happy new year! I hope you had a fun holiday break! What better way to start off this year than to reflect on what you did the previous year?

That’s exactly what I did! Here are my 2020 reflections and some of my 2021 goals. I think it’s important to look back and see how far you’ve come! Maybe it’ll inspire you to write one too!

2020 into 2021

This past year has been weird for me. I don’t think anyone would’ve predicted 2020 to be a global pandemic year. I certainly didn’t. I never expected entire downtown districts to be shut down. Or the loss of our previous ways of life. I myself had gotten Covid, and I’ve never felt worse in my life before. I was lucky in that none of my immediate family had been affected by Covid, but others didn’t fare so well.

That being said, 2020 was still the beginning of many things for me. It was my first time settling into a new city in a long time. I never imagined how much work goes into furnishing an apartment. And how much effort it takes to make new friends, especially when your turning 30 in a few months and a global pandemic makes things planning things difficult. Or how to stay in shape when gyms are closed. But nevertheless, you can still accomplish anything you set your mind to, so long as you adapt.

Also, I adopted my first cat companion too! And I started a coding podcast too! I recently got laid off from my previous company due to Covid and budget cuts. But I’ve been really lucky to find a really awesome new gig!

Fitness 101 for Developers

The start of every new year is a great time to make goals for what you want to accomplish in 2021. Fitness is one that I have on my list, and I imagine many others. On our new coding podcast, CodeChefs, we recently air’d an episode about everything you might want to know when starting a fitness routine. How nutrition works, how to plan out meals, and what type of workout plans exist out there. I myself went through a phase this past year where I lost 35 lbs in 6 months!

Thanks for tuning into my newsletter! And happy new year to y’all!

Learning Path for a Self Taught Web Developer (React / NodeJs)

What courses you should take in which order

Hey y’all

It’s almost the start of a new week! Hope you had a good weekend! I have one article for you today:

Recommended Learning Path for a Self Taught Web Developer (React / Node)

So I’ve been mentoring a few junior developers lately. And often-times, the question of “what should I focus on” to get that first job comes up!

I remember being in those same shoes. I didn’t even know what employers we’re hiring for. And what skills I even needed to even become a modern web developer. And which courses to take after that, there’s just so many!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite courses for React NodeJS web development. And what order you should take them in. Just enough to give you the big picture while building on practical foundations.

Feel free to check out the guide linked above!

P.S. - I start a new job tomorrow!

GatsbyJS, JAMstack, and podcasting!

Everything you ever wanted to know about all 3

Hey y’all, happy Thanksgiving weekend!

This is my first email newsletter I’m sending out! I got laid off a few weeks back (but recently accepted a job offer!), so I’ve been back writing all the cool things I’ve been working on lately!

I recently started a coding podcast here called CodeChefs, it’s for junior and mid-level developer seeking to level up! It’s built on GatsbyJS, the same as my personal site.

I published a few articles from things I learned along the way:

Building a Custom Podcast Site with GatsbyJS, ReactJS, AmazonS3, and Netlify

I spent 6 months building CodeChefs with one of my best coding friends. We wanted the challenge of learning how Podcast distributions work, so we did it ourselves! There weren’t a ton of articles out on the web detailing how to do it, so it was a bit of a learning curve. Like how to handle RSS feeds to connect to Spotify and iTunes, or how to host the mp3 assets used on those platforms!

Feel free to check it out if your just the least bit curious about how it all works!

Installing Blog Comments on your GatsbyJs/React Site using Utterances

I wanted to install comments on my personal site, But I wanted full control over how it was used and how it showed up on my site. One of my requirements is it had to be open source too, as other blog commenting systems like Disqus have been known to inject ads.

Utterances seemed to be the best solution for this. I wrote the guide I wished I had first read when setting this up, as I found myself lost and stuck getting this to work.

On writing a custom RSS feed for GatsbyJS

So this one isn’t really a tutorial per say like the other two above. I ran into some issues getting our RSS feed for the podcast over to one of the podcast platforms. I needed to adjust the RSS feed output, but it became kind of weird and complicated.

I wrote a story of how I went about solving it. Maybe you might find it entertaining!

WTF are JAMstack Apps and Static Site Generators (SSG)

Bit of a disclaimer, I was on the fence on writing such a provocative title. I still am. Recently I’ve been mentoring some junior web developers and the question of JAMstack apps came up. JAMstack apps are tools like GatsbyJS, which powers my personal blog and coding podcast site.

I struggled for the longest time understanding what JAMstack event meant. So I did a lot of research on this topic and wrote it from a historical standpoint. First by describing what came before it (static site generators) and how they relate to JAMstack apps.

I hope y’all enjoy my first newsletter! Feel free to spread the <3

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